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Becoming a Walker Courier

(We are sorry but we do not currently have any vacancies)

Walking is good exercise! Getting paid to do it is even better! Well that's the good news. Walker couriers are not as fast as cycle couriers so they are often given jobs that are not time-critical.


District Leads

District leads are individuals that manage and promote their Leggit district. For this they get an extra % of the job charge. They typically work as a courier as well, and if the volume dictates it they need to organise extra walkers to meet the demand. Typically, district leads get 65% of job charge plus 10% of the total district revenue. So the more money you and your district riders make the more you earn.

e.g. If a district lead has 2 riders, with each doing ~20 jobs per day on average. The district lead will make over €200 euro / month just from his 10% share of the riders work plus whatever the district lead earns from his/her own jobs.


District Walkers

Walkers are walker couriers that get their work from their district leads. The walkers will typically get a feel for the busy and quiet periods over time. Also, you should be very familiar with the streets, local businesses, local industrial estates and business parks.


Just for fun

Power walking is fun, most of the time. But also requires a certain level of fitness and an all-weather attitude. The bonus is you get paid for keeping fit. Although it isn't a get-rich-quick scheme, it can be quite rewarding. We plan to arrange some competitions between the districts so that the fun never stops.


Equipment Required

The following is a list of the typical equipment a power walker needs in order to perform the job.


The Pay

The courier gets a majority % commission of the job charges. A standard walker doing 20 jobs per jobs per day will typically earn over €1000 euro per month. A district lead doing the same job would earn approx. €1,300 euro per month excluding bonuses. District leads work on a % commision only, so it in their interest to generate more business.


Tax Responibilities

Walkers are treated as independant contractors and therefore must take responsibility for their own tax affairs. We do not directly employ any walkers.


Hours of operation

From 9.00am to 5pm, Mon - Fri. The cut-off is 4.30pm for a same day drop. Jobs timestamped after this cut-off are carried out at the decretion of the working walker. 6-7 hours is replica watches sale the maximum expected work day for the courier.


Walker Availability

Walkers can rest or relax during quiet periods and can even be at home providing they live close within the district zone. However, once they are assigned a job they need to get walking fast! If you are at home or waiting around you need to be brushing up on your map skills or doing some lunges! Remember to warm panerai replica uk up before start exercising.


Customer Satisfaction

Walkers will be paid for all jobs that the customer agrees to accept. If swiss replica watches the time frame for the delivery was well outside the agreement with the customer (e.g. over 2 hrs) and the walker did not have a valid reason then the customer will be refunded and the cycle courier will receive a penalty of €5 euro to be deducted replica watches uk from their payments.



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